At Lucid Leaf, our cannabis gets the VIP treatment from start to finish. We believe organic is the best way to grow cannabis, producing a superior product with less of an environmental impact.


Flavonoids and terpenes are the molecules that contribute most to cannabis’ flavor and appearance. A holistic, organic approach to growing benefits the production of flavonoids and terpenes, producing more flavourful and attractive bud.


The cannabis plant is sometimes used as a soil decontaminant due to its ability to pull toxins from the soil, including harsh chemicals and heavy metals. Therefore, this poses a problem for cannabis users and is why we choose to enrich our soil with probiotics, restructured water and organic tea compost.


Organic growing is most always better for the environment. Synthetic fertilizers and harsh chemicals damage soil integrity, destroy microbial, insect, and animal habitats, and deplete soils over the long-term, making it unsustainable.

When it comes to cannabis, there’s no doubt that organic is the best option, especially when compared to conventional growing methods. In addition to superior flavor and sustainability efforts, there is less chance of contamination with dangerous toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals, adding health and safety benefits.

Lucid Leaf starts with top of the line equipment and the finest organic soil. We then augment the soil with the best organic nutrients. Every plant is hand watered, individually maintained, grown in extremely small batches, cured and stored properly in glass. We give our plants only the best, healthiest supplements; including probiotics, restructured water and compost teas.  And in comparison to our competitor’s hydroponic marijuana, we grow in soil to avoid the constant need to flush with chemicals. This ensures a smooth hit every time full of natural, robust flavor instead of harsh hits drenched in chemicals. Using organic cannabis instead of hydro ensures you are adding a healthy solution to your daily routine instead of a dangerous one.

“No Tumbleweed!” You will never find ‘kief’ on any of our menus as we would never tumble your product. We guarantee our house-grown, house-made products are handcrafted with 100% organic buds; no sweet leaf which ensures more terpenes and more flavor which equals a better results.

We are pleased to work with several local doctors and health providers throughout the Flathead Valley. These providers can assist in obtaining a medical card, but also can assist in finding new solutions to old problems. Do you need help finding a practitioner, we can help!

The Entourage Effect: What is it?

The Entourage Effect is an exciting revelation scientists discovered in 1999 when it comes to ingesting cannabis products. When consumed, the various cannabis properties and terpenes start to work together to create a symbiosis of health. There are numerous terpenes present in the cannabis plant and variation between strains. Some of the different terpenes have known pharmacological effects and have been studied. While we are just starting to understand this effect, it is obvious that the body is able to keep using the cannabinoids to refill the Endocannabinoid System encouraging healing and homeostasis to combat inflammation, effects from stress, cancer symptoms and so much more.